As Your partner we take a transparent agile
approach, aligning decisions with Your
budget and risk appetite to keep the pace
Your organization requires.



Your involvement is key

We believe transparency and communication are key for a healthy partnership. With your vision and strategy we will openly  create your solution, communicating potential risks or issues along the way in a fully transparent manner for our common interest.

We will work with your Portfolio, Business and Product Owners to align your strategic goals with our delivery. 

Your win is our win, and we know that digital transformation and innovation is both complex and a long term commitment. Together we monitor the Lean-Agile Leadership with regards to scope, risk assessments, prioritizations, implementions and deployments to reflect your ambitions and the targets of your solution.


Solutions that matter

Cloud first also means Security first!

We have certified our own product development in ISO 27001, and our insights into how to build security into a product or solution as well as our ways of working will be shared with you from day one. We use and are experts in GDPR, OWASP and Privacy by design to accomplish a secure architecture and software.

We will design your cloud solutions to be reliable and scalable, based on our experience from our own product development.

Your win is our experience and expertise in cloud security.

The primary orientation is towards customer need delivered through constant improvement of customer experience


Our team and culture bring you value


We put our pride in our highly skilled and talented engineers. Over the years we have developed a recruitment, education and training process to select the right talented individuals and techy geeks.

We build our excellence through combining talented full-stack individuals with an agile cross-functional team. Our unified ways of working is inherited from our own product development and is centred around self-learing and self-driving to embed and sustain knowledge in our agile team delivery. 

We mix the delivery capacity in Sweden and Vietnam upon your preference as well as scale up and down according to needs.

Your win is an agile team with a high-performing cross-functional culture with the elasticity you need. 


We adopt to your DevOps ambitions

Business Agility is all about the right features at the right pace!

With DevOps as one of the highest prioritise we guide your sustainable and accurate delivery process to support Continuous Exploration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Release on Demand in a 24/7 world. Building the delivery pipeline to adopt security, quality and scalability as part of the daily work is what DevOps/DevSecOps is all about.

With data analytics and real-time insights from the DevOps process we will assist your business decisions. 

Your win is a sustainable evolution of your products supported by a mature DevOps delivery pipeline.

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