Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Precio Fishbone's B share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier Growth Market. You can follow the course development at Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier Growth Market.

Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank, who also guarantees liquidity for the share. Today there is about 1,850 shareholders.

The largest owners can be found under the Owners section

There are a total of 9,175,722 shares in the company, of which 20,000 are unlisted A-shares. Each A share has ten votes and one B-share and one vote at the AGM.


Precio Fishbones largest owners as of July 31, 2023
Share Holders Capital % Votes %
Midsjörevet AB 15,4 15,1
Alcur Select 12,8 12,6
Avanza Pension 7,7 7,6
Cliens Kapitalförvaltning AB 6,1 6,0
Pa De Kaphoe AB 5,4 5,3
Nordea Småbolagsfond Sverige 5,1 5,0
Rambas AB 4,3 4,2
Grenspecialisten Förvaltning AB 3,5 3,4
Nordea Institutionella Småbolagsfonden 2,4 2,4
Kassetten Nr 1 i Göteborg AB 2,1 2,1

Corporate Governance

The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier Growth Market and is therefore covered by the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. However, the Board has decided to follow the code in all essentials. Here you will find information on corporate governance issues in Precio Fishbone.


The accounting firm E & Y AB is the auditor appointed by the AGM and the authorized public accountant Jens Bertling is the auditor in charge.

Certified Adviser

According to the rules for companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier, everyone must have a Certified Adviser who, in part, supports and verifies that the company complies with the regulations that First North has established and which aims to maintain healthy trading of the companies' shares.

Precio Fishbone's CA is:

Erik Penser Bank
Box 7450
103 91 Stockholm

Phone +46 (0)8-463 80 00


The Nomination Committee was appointed at the Annual General Meeting 2022-05-04 and is elected for the time being. The following are the company's Nomination Committee:

Pär Johansson, employed by the company.

Anders Miller, independent of the company.

Bengt-Åke Älgevik, independent of the company.

Shareholders who wish to nominate persons to the company's Board of directors can write to the company under the address:

Precio Fishbone AB

Nomination Committee
Stortorget 8
702 11 Örebro.

Insider trading

The European Union, EU, has adopted a regulation aimed at preventing or, at any rate, making it difficult to misuse important information concerning companies that have particular transparency as an employee in a management position or board member or other with access to price-impacting information. That applies to companies whose financial instruments are traded on a regulated market.

A regulation is a legal act of the EU that comes into force immediately and applies equally in all Member States, regardless of what is provided for in national law. The EU Market Abuse Regulation - MAR - entered into force on July 3, 2016.

Finansinspektionen (Sweden's financial supervisory authority), FI, has decided, based on the regulation, that insiders in companies whose shares are listed on, among other things, Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier must report the transactions done in the company's share to FI.

Finansinspektionen's list of insiders' announced acquisitions and divestments of the company's shares (PDMR transactions register) is published on FI's website and is thus available to anyone who wishes to take part in it.

The PDMR transactions register can be accessed at

In the list on FI's website, transactions from July 3, 2016, are listed. This is the day that the reporting obligation to FI for insiders in companies listed on First North entered into force. Anyone wishing to access transactions from January 1, 2011, to July 2, 2016, can request these from

Precio Fishbone AB's issued financial instruments comprise the company's A-shares and B-shares, and it is the B-shares, which correspond to 99.8% of the company's total shares, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier.

The notification obligation includes, in addition to its own holdings, securities owned by related parties (spouse, children with custody) and a legal person controlled by a person with an insider position or to that party.