Support and maintenance

Good support and management provides peace of mind


Support and maintenance

We offer support and management to all our customers. Application management is a central part of our offering and an absolute success factor for you as a customer, to manage, develop and over time, adapt and refine the applications and solutions you have invested time and money in, in the best way.

Commitment and stability

Our ambition in customer assignments is to establish long-term relationships that create value for both partners. It should be your choice as a customer to continue the collaboration, even after a completed delivery. This means that we will perform our assignments with a commitment and a presence that extends far beyond the traditional relationship between a customer and a supplier.

We have succeeded in this ambition and today we have ongoing support and management assignments with an absolute majority of our customers. 

We provide peace of mind

Together with you we will agree on what the best management plan is for you – based on your conditions, financial frameworks and actual needs. Do you want proactive management, more traditional management or do you only need access to support?

We decide what the arrangement will be with you and we can provide the majority of management and support services from all our local offices.

We offer you access to all our skills

Our management and support services are available from all our local offices.

We offer you guaranteed access to skills, adaptations and further development so that systems and needs can be in line with current conditions, processes and ways of working.

We work according to the standard processes and models in the industry, such as ITIL and PM3.

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