Precio Fishbone obtain Microsoft Partnership

We are proud to announce our efforts towards obtaining a Microsoft Partnership within the domains of Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, and Modern Work. The Microsoft ecosystem offers a comprehensive suite of products, services, and solutions that enable businesses to thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

– We are incredibly happy and proud that we have attained a Solutions Partner designation, in four competence areas, in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. There has been an impressive work by many people within the organisation, and amongst our customers, to achieve this position, says Björn Bemgård, Marketing Manager at Precio Fishbone.

Help organizations to gain deeper insights

In the realm of Data & AI, Microsoft provides powerful and scalable solutions for data management, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These tools and services help organizations to gain deeper insights into their data, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation.

Digital & App Innovation is a critical aspect of modern businesses, and Microsoft is at the forefront of this field with its comprehensive platform for app development and deployment. By leveraging Microsoft's tools and services, organizations can rapidly develop, test, and deploy custom applications that meet the unique needs of their business.

Stay ahead of the curve

Infrastructure is the backbone of any organization, and Microsoft provides a wide range of products and services that help businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve security. With Microsoft's expertise and resources, organizations can modernize their infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing field.

Finally, Modern Work is a critical area for businesses looking to remain competitive in the digital age. Microsoft offers a suite of solutions that enable organizations to enhance their collaboration, communication, and productivity, both in the office and remotely. These solutions help organizations to improve workflows, streamline processes, and better engage with their customers, partners, and employees.

"Demonstrates our technical capabilities"

– The Solutions Partner designation demonstrates our organization’s technical capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud and helps us differentiate our organization with customers. With this confirming our market leading position and work, we are so much looking forward to a fantastic 2023, says Björn Bemgård.

– Our work towards obtaining a Microsoft Partnership is an exciting and transformative opportunity that will enable our organization to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology, resources, and support to drive our business forward and remain competitive in the digital age. We are confident that this partnership will have a profound and positive impact on our organization, and we look forward to working closely with Microsoft to achieve our shared goals.